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Lyra Heartstrings Graffiti by ShinodaGE

I always found it interesting to watch fandoms take steps in different directions. In this case, I would've never thought of seeing pony art take the walls of the real world.

Let me start with vision:
I think that the street art you make really shows off how no one person is limited to what they have, as art can be a form of expression, and this is one way of doing so. Definitely giving you a Five star here.

I'll take a half star away as I've had my share of "Lyra has hands!" But overall, you win me over with the fact this is done on a wall.

What blows me away is that you didn't use spray paint, I'm amazed you don't get hassled while making these. Your method doesn't even seem to leave any mistakes, very impressive in my opinion.

I for one have never seen this expression of art being something that would find its way into this fandom, but it seems as if you have opened the doors to this style of art my friend.

I applaud your exceptional work here mate.
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